Hans Feurer for Kenzo

A glimpse, a gaze, a dance, a stance, a burst of joy, a pause for reflection—fixed in the moment. Feurer’s images from the 80s and 90s for Kenzo captured the house’s stoic worldliness, bringing out its candid and whole hearted  celebration of ethnic dress from all over the globe—a natural and unforced willingness to become a citizen of the world. This attitude is essential to Kenzo’s mythology as a Parisian designer and as a Japanese in a foreign land. If Issey Miyake avoided the label of “exotic,” Kenzo embraced it, not to highlight that he was an outsider but to show that perhaps, somewhere in the world, we all are.


One response to “Hans Feurer for Kenzo

  1. Hans Feurer is a master of fashion style and well ahead of the 21 cen. acceptance of GLOBALISM. He embraced ethnic style and romantic exoticism as a photographer from his early shots. Kenzo was an ideal designer for him to shoot for with models Iman and Sayoko playing the global goddesses to the fullest. I hope theer’s a book on his photographs out soon, he deserves one over so many HACK shooters that get a new & BORING book every season!

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