Even if you don’t know Koos Van Den Akker, you know his work through his collaboration with comedian Bill Cosby and his infamous patchwork sweaters. It was Van Den Akker’s couture collage and mix and match aesthetic that made the Huxtable’s lovable father so iconic. He works by piecing a melange of texture and pattern into compositions of daring contrast and harmonious discord. His dramatic mix of lines, shapes and forms, often considered foul or grotesque, reflect both an urban and tribal world view where a mix of sights, sounds, and ideas are never as pretty as we’d like them to be.

Van Den Akker poses with Bill Cosby


One response to “Koos

  1. My mother has a Koos original in her closet from her Soho days, a dress that I love. I’d never heard of him before, nor did I realize how influential he was. Great that someone else knows/likes his designs.

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